Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you please tell me what leadership courses are coming up?

A: From your internet browser window, type:  Select the Programs button and select either the Graduate or Undergraduate program.  All courses will be listed in order by date.  If you would like to search for all of the classes for a particular course, select the course and all of the classes will be listed in order by date.


Q: Can you let me know if any of the courses are open?

A: Once you review the programs, courses and classes that you find listed in JMCLearn, please click on the Register button at the top of the site, this will take you to a screen where you will log into HealthStream.

When prompted for your institution, please enter Jupiter Medical Center and select it from the drop down list.

You will be able to log into HealthStream using your JMC log on and password.   From the top menu bar in HealthStream, click on the Catalog button.

Enter a word from the course name you are interested in, for example: “Strengths”.  All of the classes with the word “Strengths” in the title and description will display, click on the class date and time you are interested in and you will see how many people have registered as well as how many seats are available.  Click on the green Register button to register for the class.


Q: I usually sign up for classes on a day that I do not work. Unfortunately I do not have access to my JMC email from home. How can I set up a reminder so that I do not forget that I am registered for a class?

A: If you use your personal iphone or ipad to locate courses in JMCLearn, you have the option to add the class to your personal calendar, right from that site.  When you select a class date and time, click on +Add to Calendar.

You will see a drop down box listing options such as Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail & iCal.  You will be prompted to log into the app of your choice to complete the appointment on your calendar.  Please note, you still need to go into HealthStream to officially register.


Q: I recently had my performance review with my director and as we were discussing my professional development, she mentioned that she would like for me to take a few courses through the leadership institute. As I am working towards a managerial role, she suggested I look at courses like managing conflict, emotional intelligence or communication. Can you please provide more information on how I would go about registering for these courses?

A: From your internet browser window, type: JMCLearn.  The Undergraduate Program sounds perfect for you.  Once you have accessed JMCLearn, click on the Calendar button within the navigation bar at the top.  You will see a drop down, select “All Undergraduate Courses”.

You will see a list of the courses and can select one from the course list to view the class dates and times.